When Driveway Gates Attack

Your driveway gate is there  to provide you with security, but what if it decides to turn on you? Although this may seem like a scene from a horror movie, there have been a growing number of cases where homeowners and their family members or even beloved pets have been seriously injured or killed by… Continue Reading When Driveway Gates Attack

Gate Motor Theft

Your gate motor provides you with convenience as well as a feeling of security. In recent years, the cost of these motors has risen substantially and this has subsequently resulted in more of these motors being stolen than ever before. Installing your gate motor When a technician starts installing your new gate motor, there are… Continue Reading Gate Motor Theft

Protecting your Gate Motor

You may think that your gate motor is protected if a theft-resistant bracket has been installed on the motor. Although your theft-resistant bracket is a good start, it will only help prevent it from being stolen. As a result, you might be wondering what else will be needed to give your motor the protection it… Continue Reading Protecting your Gate Motor