How on earth did it last that long.

Everyone loves convenience these days. You come home at night after a long day at the office, you press buttons so that your gate and garage door opens and then closes behind you again. Noone gives these motors a second thought – until such time as you press that button you’ve come to rely upon so heavily and nothing happens.

When your gate or garage door motor malfunctions, it not only creates a huge inconvenience; it puts the security of your family and property at risk as well. Regular maintenance on gates, garage doors and their motors can help prevent them from malfunctioning in the first place.

Most forms of basic maintenance on these units can be performed by the home owner:

  • Ensure that the gate track is clean by sweeping it wekly
  • Keep the lawn cut away from the gate motor and track
  • Ensure that no plants are growing into or too close to the gate
  • Ensure that when it rain the motor does does not stand in a dam of water
  • Ensure that all end stops are in place
  • Ensure that the gate is standing upright and not leaning over
  • Check that all gate brackets keeping the gate in place are secure
  • Don’t store anything close to the tracks or operating area of garage doors
  • Don’t allow children or pets to play with remotes or operate these devices without adult supervision 

Gates and garage doors are not toys and can pose serious safety risks if not operated and maintained correctly.

Gate and garage door motors have some built-in safety features, such as obstruction sensing. For instance, if a child or beloved family pet gets caught in the gate or garage door while they are opening or closing, they could be badly injured. However, when these units are correctly installed and set up by a reputable installer, instances like these can be prevented.

As your gate and garage doors and motors get older, they will require more profesional attention and maintenance to ensure that they continue operating safely.