Protecting your Gate Motor

You may think that your gate motor is protected if a theft-resistant bracket has been installed on the motor. Although your theft-resistant bracket is a good start, it will only help prevent it from being stolen. As a result, you might be wondering what else will be needed to give your motor the protection it deserves. There are some other factors to consider that will be explained below.

1. Earthing your gate motor

Why must your gate motor be earthed? All of the reputable new gate motor brands on the market are fitted with an earth terminal on their control cards. This is not just a decorative feature.

Thanks to South Africa’s unstable electricity supply and the thunderstorms that occur regularly, manufacturers have incorporated dedicated components that will help protect the electronic components inside your gate motor. However, your motor must be correctly earthed in order for these to serve their intended purpose.

2. Regular maintenance

After a gate motor has been installed, most property owners tend to forget about it until such time that it stops working or malfunctions. Just like your car requires regular servicing to keep it running optimally, a qualified technician should service your gate motor once a year. This will help prevent it from malfunctioning at a time when it is extremely inconvenient to you – and posing a potential security risk at the same time.

3. Surge protectors

There are several decent surge protection devices available that can be used to protect your gate motor as well as other household appliances. These devices can consist of anything from units installed into your home’s electrical circuit by a suitably qualified electrician to a surge-protecting plug top or adapter that you can purchase from just about any hardware or retail store.

If you would like to find out more about giving your gate motor the level of protection it deserves or if you are unsure whether it is suitably protected or not, contact us today by calling 082 6811 955.