Why an Installer Must Inspect your Property before Quoting

If you have been phoning around for quotes to have a gate or garage door motor installed, you may find some installers who will be willing to give pricing over the phone for the cost of the motor and installation – only to find that after installation starts, they hand you a list of additional items that had not been included in the original quote. This is just one reason why an installer must inspect your property before compiling a quote.

Other reasons why an installer must inspect your property before providing a quote:

Gate motors:

  • They will need to identify the type of gate to be automated. For instance, is it a sliding gate or swing gate?
  • The installer will need to determine which motor will be best suited for your gate
  • Is there sufficient space to mount the gate motor correctly?
  • If it rains, will the motor be flooded out? If this is the case, it will have to be raised of the ground
  • Does the gate run smoothly and easily, or will wheels and/or hinges require replacement or upgrading?
  • What is the length of the gate?
  • Is there an electrical point available right by the gate or will electricity point need to be installed
  • Will the motor run on high or low voltage?
  • If electricity needs to be installed to where the gate motor is going to be placed, where will it be taken from, and what will be the best route to get it to the gate?
  • To install electricity at the gate, will it be necessary to lift paving bricks or cut through tar or concrete?
  • How much electrical conduit and wiring will be required to install electricity close to the gate?

Garage door motors:

  • They will need to identify the type of door to be automated. For example, is it a roll-up, sectional overhead, tip-up or tip-in door? Is it a single- or double-sized door?
  • They will need to test the door to see if adjustment or repairs will be needed before installing a motor
  • They will need to determine which motor will be most suitable for the door
  • Is there an electrical plug point within recommended distance from where the motor has to be fitted?
  • What will be needed to install a plug point by the garage door motor if one is not present and where will power need to be run from to do so?

Additional accessories that may be required

  • If you want the gate or door to close automatically after a given time, safety beams will be required
  • Is an intercom system or doorbell needed?
  • Do you want to use a keypad?
  • How many remotes will be needed?
  • Will the gate or garage door be operated from your cell phone?
  • Do you want to activate driveway lights when the gate motor is operated?

These are just a few of the reasons why you should never rely on pricing that has been given over the phone and where no site inspection has been performed, especially where new installations are concerned.

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